Social Media (P1)

Social media is either an application or a website which will allow people (users) to create and share different forms of content, also allowing them to participate in social networking.

One form of social media is ‘LinkedIn’, this is a social networking site allows people from the business community to come together on one platform. On this site, people (users) are able to create profiles which will then allow other people (users) to connect with them if they share an interest in the job role they are titled under. This therefore helps to grow businesses allowing people from all around the world to connect with one another over their work.

Another form of social media is ‘Pinterest’, this is a site which people (users) will use to create curated content, which will allow them to share images which have been found online and then categorise them. The sites main focus is to be visual, but it works so that when clicking on an image which you are interest in, the user will get taken to the source of this picture which could lead them to further information on their topic of interest.

Finally, there is ‘Scoop It’, on this site people (users) will create a board of curated content based on a topic of their interest. This allows people (users) to grab content from web and ‘scoop it’ creating page of specific content tailored to personal interest. Other people are also able to suggest any other relevant links to the user on their page, this will allow the two users to find a common interest and connect. It also allows people/businesses to publish content in an efficient and impacting way.


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