Facebook VS LinkedIn (P1)

Facebook is a social networking site which allows people to use for free. The users who create an account are then able to upload photos, videos, statuses and are also able to message people which tend to be used in order to keep in touch with someone.

It has many functions within the site which could be used for a range of different purposes, these being; pages which allow any users to promote a public page which is surrounding a selected topic, events which allows users to make other users aware of an event, also allowing them to invite people to the event and track who is planning on attending or not, groups which is for any users with a common interest to interact with one another via the group and the marketplace which allows users to post about an ad, read the ad and they can also respond to the ad giving their opinion etc.

Facebook can be used for different purposes, for business purposes or social purposes.

Many businesses use Facebook in order to promote themselves, this is highly by using ads. Ads are a commonly known feature on Facebook as they are featured on every page, if a business wants to be seen then by paying Facebook; they are able to get a space on the site for their company ad. However, as known ads aren’t a favourite for many users therefore even though the ad will defiantly get seen by users, it cannot be deemed that people will click on the ad to find out further information. It also may not be beneficial as it wouldn’t be targeted to people who are interested in the businesses topic.

For this reason it would be beneficial for a business to create a page. This is a simple feature but can be edited so that it is easily found by those who are searching for relevant/related content on the site. Also by having a Facebook page, users are able to follow the page so that any new posts are automatically shown to them keeping them constantly up to date.

LinkedIn is a social networking site allows people from the business community to come together on one platform. On this site, people (users) are able to create profiles which will then allow other people (users) to connect with them if they share an interest in the job role they are titled under. This therefore helps to grow businesses allowing people from all around the world to connect with one another over their work.

LinkedIn can be used for different purposes, for business purposes or social purposes, however it’s targeted at mainly professional users, allowing users to speak to colleagues or classmates.

The messaging system is provided so that users are able to meet new people/contacts and expand their business or if the user is looking for a job they could message the business in order to speak further about the job.

Many businesses use LinkedIn in order to promote themselves, this is done by using groups. These groups work by users searching for an interest of theirs and by doing this they will be able to find groups which have been made by other users or businesses. By using tags, businesses are able to label their group allowing other users to easily find their group and learn more about them as a business, therefore connecting with them.

Businesses are also able to create events, which would help users who either live in the area to notice the event or other users who are interested in the topic of the event.

It isn’t just businesses who may want to promote themselves via LinkedIn; people looking for work may also want to promote themselves. This is done by creating a profile and adding all relevant information to this page so that other users can quickly note your skills. However users are also able to create ‘professional gallery’s’ which is designed to hold work examples, photos, videos and also can have slide shares. This will allow the user to physically display their work so that people can visually see their work instead of it just being described.


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