Social Bookmarking (P1)

Social Bookmarking is a method which people use in order to manage specific ‘bookmarks’ within a web page. When someone sees a page that they like or are interested in and feel like they would want to share it, they would use a social bookmarking site in order to store these selected links that they are interested in.

Due to what social bookmarking is able to do, it can be used for many different purposes such as business and social related areas.

There are two main functions which bookmarking would help to improve within a business, one of these being organisation. This is helped as when the user wants to find something important, if this page had been book marked, they can find it through the use of folders and key words. Any web page which is book marked can be organized into folders (which could be done by business project or business year) which would make finding any past information, easier. By improving the organisation within a business, it would also help to save time as employees could be spending more time analysing the content instead of spending that time searching for it. Another aspect which good organisation would help with is making the business work as a team as sharing links becomes easier by using social book marking. This would allow any ideas more accessible to share or possible group projects can be completed easier.

Another main function from within a business is that bookmarking makes promotions easier to do. The way that this is achieved is that when the company finds something which they are mentioned in, they would bookmark it so that they would have a list of useful testimonials in which they could go on to use in the future for referencing.

Social bookmarking is another area in which people can be benefited by using it. A few example of social bookmarking platforms include; Pinterest, Evernote and Flipboard.

By using social bookmarking it will enable the user to be able to target their search specifically to what they want to see. This is in place of having to spend a large quantity of time searching for the right content. Social bookmarking sites will help to ensure that what is wanted to be seen can be done as quickly as everything is narrowed down.

Another function which comes along side with using a social bookmarking site is that anything which is currently trending within the selected topic is displayed so that the user is able to constantly stay up to date with anything relevant about the wanted topic.

Social bookmarking gathers everything from the normal search engine and puts it into one place with the user’s needs in mind.


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