Social News Site (P1)

A social news site is a website which allows user posted articles to be posted; this is then ranked on the page by popularity. It is extremely interactive as it allows users to then comment on these posts and then they are allowed to rank these posts on popularity.

An example of a social news site is pastedGraphic.png

In the marked article at the bottom is an article which speaks about a custom suit which comes at a great price. Despite this post looking similar to the other two beside it, this one is sponsored, which means that a business has paid for it to be shown there.

The marked section at the top is a link to the ‘entertainment’ section of the web page; this shows that the site has a social function to it as well as a promotion method for businesses.

This website has an easy to use, simple layout, which makes it seem like it would be used for mainly social reasons, but due to the sponsored post on the home page it shows that it is used for marketing as well. However the main purpose of this site is for users to pull together all of the most relevant, popular content on the internet currently and place it in one place.

It allows user to ‘search’ for different topics. This would be beneficial for a business as they would be able to search for their company or product and if anything is shown which is relevant they could bookmark it for future use.


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