Media Sharing Sites (P1)

A media sharing site is a website which will allow a user to upload any videos, photos or audio files, which can then be accessed from anywhere around the globe. Photo sharing sites include sites such as Flickr and Photobucket, when photos are uploaded onto these sites, other people will be able to view the images. Video sharing sites include YouTube and Vimeo, which allow the user to upload any video which then enables others to see the posted video.

Flickr isn’t usually used for business purposes, however it can be if the user were to insert their company logo onto the page and also link the websites URL in each post they make. This way they may be able to gain a wider audience.

Business functions of YouTube are fairly simple to any other social media platform. The main business function of YouTube would be to promote a product or the company; this would be done by uploading the advert for the business. Also when uploading the video, by putting all of the businesses extra links in the description it will attract more people to those sites. Many people enjoy visually seeing things rather than having to read about them, therefore by having a video explaining the product etc. more people will be engrossed in finding out more.

Social functions of Flickr include being able to connect with others around the world who have a similar interest. This interaction is completed by the use of tags which are used on a range of platforms. When the user is uploading an image, if they also use tags to explain what the picture is showing, other users around the world would be able to look up these tags and see that you share a common interest.

Social functions of YouTube include being able to comment on videos and start a discussion on the video which has been shown, this means that people from all around the world will be able to connect with other people who share the same opinion on something or someone as they do. YouTube also allows for debate which is due to people not always sharing the same opinion. Even though the viewer isn’t talking to the person on the screen, some may feel as if they are being spoken to which allows them to feel social, despite not being.


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