Microblogging (P1)

A microblogging site is when a user is able to make short posts, frequently to a microblog; a few examples of a microblog include Twitter and Tumblr.

On sites such as Twitter, there have been 60% of items purchased from a business due to what was seen on twitter (Object, 2016). This shows that businesses are making a large quantity of money due to social media advertising.

Businesses are able to makes tweets on Twitter; this will allow all followers to see what is being posted about. By businesses microblogging regularly, they will be able to communicate with anyone who is interested in their brand.

Social functions of microblogging tends to be to stay connected with friends and family, and microblogging is perfect for this job as by posting quick messages, everyone who follows your account is able to see what you are doing, without the hassle of having to read a long paragraph. This is usually done through the use of character limit, Twitter having a 140 character limit.


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