Wiki VS Blogs (P1)

A Wiki is a quick website which allows ‘collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users’ (LeBar, 2014).

Businesses would use a wiki in order to give consumers a better understanding of the businesses history/background. This works in the same manner as a blog, it gains the trust of the consumer making it feel like they know the company better and can trust the product. Also due to wiki being edited by the users, the page feels more personal as the opinions/facts on there may come from consumers who are interested in the product, therefore giving a realistic view on the business.

A blog is a website which has been designed in an informal manner, allowing an individual and a small group of people to communicate with the world on a specific topic.

By blogging, it will help a business to gain trust from the consumers. This is due to a blog being a personal form of communication therefore the consumer would feel more involved in the brand.

Every time that a blog post is made, the chances of someone seeing the blog increases, the reason why this would benefit a business is because once a user is on the blog, they would be able to accesses the businesses main website easily.

The individual or group of people who run the blog are also able to choose if they want their blog linked to their other social media accounts, this means that whenever a post is made on the blog, the link will automatically be posted to all of the businesses other social media pages, which therefore expands their audience.

Despite blogs being used highly by businesses, individuals also use blogs heavily. The main reason why individuals would use a blog is similar to why anyone uses social media, to inform and keep in touch with others. Due to the reason that each blog is based around a specific topic, other people who are interested in the selected topic would want to look into the blog to find out more on the subject. This therefore results in people connecting over a topic which they share an interest in.


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