Gamification (P1)

Gamification is when something which pre-exists is taken and ‘game mechanics’ is added to it to encourage users to join in and engage.

An example of gamification comes in from back in 2010. For 15 years scientists weren’t able to find the correct solution for what was causing AIDS. Therefore, they decided to create a game which allowed any one from around the world to play against one another, whilst trying to complete the game. To complete the game, the user had to figure out the ‘various protein structures that fit a researcher’s criteria’. Over 240,000 people started playing this game competitively, and someone completed the game in 10 days therefore finding the ‘correct solution to the structure of the M-PMV’ which therefore helped the scientists complete something which they were unable to do alone. (Chou, 2016)

Another example and a great way in order to recruit people to join the business is the U.S Army created a game in which users get taken into a virtual world and play as if they are in the army. This method began in 1999 and since then has gained over a million new recruits through this method. (Stanley, 2014)


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