Virtual Worlds (P1)

A virtual world is an online community which is designed so that different users from around the world can play and interact within this ‘custom built’ world.

Virtual words can be beneficial for a business due to the use of three major functions:

  • Virtual tours
  • Training
  • 360 view of products

(Reality, 2015)

Many businesses will use a CAVE which is when someone is able to stand inside a cube and become fully engrossed into the world by putting on goggles. The reason why this is so effective within a business is because if a product is in early development stages, the business would be able to test it out.

Something which isn’t used as commonly is the use of virtual worlds for meetings. The reason why this would be used is so that people within a business are able to communicate with other people who are based in a different location. Low cost is the main reason for this use as if there is a large group of people wanting to communicate within the business, it would be the most efficient/simple method.

Users would use the VR in order to communicate and compete with other users in a realistic way. Especially with the new Oculus technology which allows the user to select an avatar and as they move their head in real life etc. the avatar on the screen will also move their head. This makes the user feel as if they are really experiencing this.


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