Facebook (M1)

Facebook offers a range of different opportunities for individuals such as being able to search and find old friends/classmates, this can be achieved in many different ways. One way is by searching through current friends, friends, as they may have kept in contact with old friends. Another way is by using the search bar, if the individual who is searching knows their old friends name, they would be able to search for them and find them that way. However, if the individual has had Facebook for a while (since they were in contact with their old friends) , they would be able to look through old messages or even scroll through their friend list, as Facebook doesn’t randomly delete friends, even if they have been inactive for a long time.
Another thing which is offered by Facebook as an opportunity to individuals is that people can create events for parties and get a group of people together, the host can also track who is interested in coming or not. The reason why this is useful is because it saves the individual a lot of time when they used to have to write out individual invites or even text/private message people individual which would take a lot of time. But by having a group for the party, it would mean that the individual is saved a lot of time and can keep track easily of who is interested in coming. Also, this is a good opportunity for the people who were invited as they can look through who has been invited/who is interested in coming, and if they were to not know many people going, they could get to know those people before the event takes place. This aspect of Facebook is used highly by millennials, this is because within this age category, a lot of people host parties, therefore they find it easier to communicate this way.
Being able to message with friends is another opportunity, as it is another way to keep up to date with friends, however instead of showing/telling everyone who that individual is friends with on Facebook, they would just be able to tell that one person. That conversation is then saved so that they could look back at it in the future if they were to ever want to. However, group conversations are another aspect of Facebook which relates into being able to message friends, but instead of just messaging one person, the individual would be able to message a range of people at once, and they can all reply and see each other’s replies. This could be a benefit for millennials/children who are at school and need to discuss homework which they were set in class, this can then be done in a class group chat.
There is also the aspect of Facebook which allows the user to find a job. This can be done through either the search bar or accounts. By typing in key-words into the search bar, the user will be shown a range of related pages which may be of use to them. However if the user were to follow the company that they were interested in working for, they would be able to see first hand when a job becomes available, therefore having a better chance of applying before anyone else knows.
Individuals are able to share pictures, videos and website links, this is seen as a positive aspect for many as it is a way to keep up to date with those around without having to individually show/tell everyone.
Another aspect of Facebook which acts as an opportunity to individuals is that people are able to create social circles and then expand it by connecting with people all over the world, this is done by a group is created surrounding a particular topic, which will then get more people who are also interested in this topic involved. Therefore the end result would be that anyone from around the world who is interested in that selected topic would be able to communicate and connect through this group.
Users are also able to make reviews on products that the have tried this, therefore means that other individuals are able to look at these reviews and decide whether they would want to buy the product or not, this would then benefit the companies as individuals would be buying their products (if the reviews are good).
Disabled people find the use of Facebook useful because they are able to speak about. An example of this is of a young boy named Caleb, who’s grandmother created a Facebook page which had an aim for making awareness of the lack of clothing for disabled children. This Facebook page gathered a large audience of 4,500 members and M&S then went on to design a clothing line for disabled children, at a considerably cheaper price than the price of normal children’s clothing (Horizons,2016)
Facebook is said to be the most popular social media network for those older people (over 50s), as they commented how by using Facebook, they can keep in contact on a regular basis with their family and friends who they may not see as often as they used to, they do this through sharing images and posts about what they are doing and also by private messaging them.

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