Pinterest (M1)

Similar to Facebook, Pinterest also offers a range of opportunities for individuals, such as being able to ‘pin’ different content so that it is kept in one place and not lost on the internet. Once this has been done, the pinned content can be categorised into separate boards, this makes it easier for the user to find the content which they are looking for. It is said that 88% of users who pin something, go onto purchase that particular product (KNIGHT, 2016).
Users are able to follow friends also, this enables them to keep up to date with anyone they wish, so that they are constantly aware of what their friend is currently loving.
Many of Pinterest users are within the millennials group, with the percentages being 37% for those between the ages of 18-29 and 36% for those within the group 30-49, this therefore also including adults in this group of users. This demographic differs from those with the older people category as the percentage is lower at only 16% (Duggan, 2015b).

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