Instagram (M1)

Instagram is a photo/video sharing site which creates a timeline filled with the users posts, this has many benefits regarding sharing content. One of the opportunities which has been provided by Instagram for individuals is that they are able to share a range of photos and videos onto their profiles. The reason why this is beneficial is because it allows the user to firstly share their memories with their followers, but they can also use it as a way to keep a collection of their favourite memories in one area (running documentary of users life).
Another is that on Instagram, the user is able to connect all of their social media accounts together, this is done by sharing the photos which are posted onto Instagram, straight to either Twitter or Facebook. This means that even if a friend of the user doesn’t have an Instagram account, they will still be able to stay up to date with the users updates.
Users are able to follow friends also, this enables them to keep up to date with anyone they wish so that they are constantly aware of what their friends are doing. This could relate to being able to comment or like people’s posts, it is a way of communicating with someone about the post they have made, this could therefore, connect a range of people together who are interested in similar things.
Photo manipulation is another given opportunity for the individual as Instagram offers the user’s range of editing tools to change their image/video however they wish to. This isn’t something which is offered when posting a photo on Facebook so the user may have to download a separate app in order to edit their photo, but with Instagram, it is all in one place.
Again, the majority of users are from the millennials age group or child, this being with 90% of UK Instagram users being under 35 (39% of these are between 16-24), also the majority of these users are female (KNIGHT, 2016).
The older generation, however, don’t use Instagram as much as they do Facebook, with only 8% using Instagram. I feel that the reason why the older generation use Facebook more is because Facebook has more features (such as posting status’) and on Facebook the user is also able to post images, therefore they may feel like it is pointless in having more than one social media account when Facebook does what they all do in one.

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