Twitter (M1)

Twitter has a range of opportunities for individuals, one of these is that by the use of hashtags, everything can be categorised and found easily. Therefore if a user were to want to find something on a particular topic, they would just have to search for the hashtag and would be rewarded with a range of results displaying the relevant results.
Users are able to follow friends also, this enables them to keep up to date with anyone they wish so that they are constantly aware of what their friends are doing. This could relate to being able to comment or like or retweets people’s posts, it is a way of communicating with someone about the post they have made, this could, therefore, connect a range of people together who are interested in similar things.
By following someone, the user will be able to see their updates automatically when they log onto Twitter, however if the user wanted to become aware that they have been tweeting as soon as they have done so, this is also an option as Twitter offers the user the choice of turning their notifications on for selected people. This means that as soon as that person tweets or retweets something, the user will become aware.
Many individuals also find items which they would want to purchase on Twitter, this being a third (37%) of users buy from brands that they follow on Twitter (an average user will follow five or more businesses on Twitter) (Caffeine, 2014).
Unlike with Facebook, where the word count is limitless, Twitter has that limit which means that anything that needs to be said, has to be done so in a quick, snappy tweet. This would, therefore, benefit family and friends who want to know what the user is up to, but just not spend hours reading about it.
Twitter offers the opportunity to look up most recent trends, this is calculated by the amount of times a word has appeared on every user’s account within that time. This allows people from all around the world to look at what is happening around the world and is of great effect, therefore worth knowing about. Many people say that Twitter is useful as it acts as a news page, without the large quantity of reading which a normal news article would offer. On Twitter there is a maximum character count of 140, this means that if the news is posted onto twitter, only the key points will be mentioned.
Being able to message with friends is another opportunity, as it is another way to keep up to date with friends, however instead of showing/telling everyone who that individual is friends with on Twitter, they would just be able to tell that one person. That conversation is then saved so that they could look back at it in the future if they were to ever want to.
Another new feature of Twitter which acts as an opportunity to individuals is polls, this is something which gives each user the right to vote their opinion. A question is asked and options are given for the answer, then the individual users click which ever option they believe to be correct, at the end the results are reviled. Many users have started using this feature to gather information or to see what another person opinion on a matter would be, this then connects a large group of people as they debate on what they believe to be true.  As it seems to be with the majority of social media platforms, the main group of users are from the millennials age category, with the median age of 31. 76% of twitter users will use Twitter on wireless internet, this being another opportunity for Twitter users, is that they are able to access the social media platform at any point within the day.

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