Identity Theft (D1)

Identity Theft is when someone online takes another person’s personal information and uses it for their own gain.

Once someone has gained the personal information they are able to get ahold of more private things such as bank details, therefore leading in bank fraud etc.  However, it isn’t always for something to do with money as some people use it so that they can commit cyber crimes, smuggle drugs or any other substances etc.

Although stopping identity theft isn’t something which is likely to happen, if the user were to protect their accounts by putting them onto private, they would be less likely to attract unwanted people. Also by watching what is posted is another major factor as this is what tends to give away the majority of the users information.

In the first three months of 2015, it was identified by a group that more than 80% of identity theft was done online. Also it was shown that the majority of those who had their identity stolen were both male and female of the adult category (average being 46). This doesn’t over run the factor that since 2014, the percentage of those being targeted within the millennials category (21-30) is rising, and continues to rise as it has so far in two years by 26% (BBC, 2015).

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