Cross Cultural Communication (D1)

Cross Cultural Communication is to be able to have an understanding of who people from within a different culture speak, communicate and see the world around them this therefore, relates to ‘cross cultural social media’ as it is the awareness of when speaking to someone on social media from a different culture but understanding their culture.

Australia is the highest area with 93% of individuals who access the internet on a daily basis, this compares to 81% in Mexico. Many of these people who use the internet on a daily basis do so for personal reasons, 90% of Australia’s 93% of people use the internet for social reasons and 70% of Mexico’s 81% do so as well (Consumer barometer from Google, no date).

An example of this would be of Malala Yousafazi, who won a Nobel Peace Prize, this then resorted to a group of people taking to social media to comment on this matter. One tweeted “Isn’t it ironic that today the same #Pakistan which is boasting about #MalalaYousafzai, a fraction of it once wanted to kill her.” The reason why people have reacted this way is because they believe that because she is in Britain and not in Pakistan standing up for what she believes in (or risking her life) then she isn’t really doing anything at all to help her cause.

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