How has social media been used for business? (P2, P3, M2)


Social media is a major way for businesses to increase their brand awareness; it is a powerful platform as it allows people from all around the world to see something which they may not have seen otherwise. Depending on the business and what they are focused on, it will differ the reason as to why they are using social media and also how they use it.


Businesses that don’t usually get seen by as many consumers, will find that they are able to develop their brand awareness. For example, Red Bull target young males within the age group of 16 – 29, meaning that they would want to be able to reach out to as many people within that age category as possible. Currently, 89% of 18 – 29 year old’s that are using the internet, are active on social media sites, which means that a high quantity of them will be able to see Red Bulls advertisements if they are done online (Dunning, 2013).


Throughout the years, many companies have tried to boost themselves using their social media presence, some achieve at this goal, whereas some don’t do so well. Firstly, let’s look at GoPro, who have been active on Twitter since 2009 and Facebook since 2002. GoPro have managed to recognise that they aren’t just a business selling products to invisible faces, but that they are selling products to actual people, who will at the end of the day determine how well they do as a business.


This is demonstrated throughout all of their social media’s, as they are constantly posting user generated content which is always being sent into them from people all around the world. This allows their consumers to feel involved with the product and they will be more likely to buy the product and test it out if it allows them to show their work off to the world.


Back in 2015, GoPro were even names the ‘Best Brand on Instagram’ and the ‘Best Brand on YouTube’, which are only two of their social media accounts which include a range of content created by consumers. This is just an example of how by businesses including their consumers, they are able to gain a larger consumer base.


Despite this being done well by GoPro, it wasn’t achieved so highly by KitchenAid who weren’t as aware of their consumers. KitchenAid is a business which sells expensive kitchen appliances, which would automatically mean that their consumer base would be upper class people who are 25+ with their own home.


However, KitchenAid took to Twitter back in 2012, using language which wasn’t appropriate for their proper target audience, instead they made a tweet which best suited a younger person in their teens. Many young people use social media, and over time began using abbreviated language in order to get their message across quicker to people.



This tweet shown above was made about Barack Obama and his dead grandma after he made an appearance in the 2012 presidential debate. Even though this topic has nothing to do with their business, nor is the language appropriate as they are presented as a professional, respectful company, they still decided to post it, in hopes to perhaps attract a bigger audience.


KitchenAid’s social media goes to show that by not treating social media, the way that they would treat a store, or by not knowing their target audience, negative backlash can occur. The person who made this tweet ended up getting fired from the company and many people began to send hateful messages to the company due to this.


Royal Dutch Airlines is another example of good social media usage as they again use it to include their consumers. On their header image on their company twitter page, it shows an estimated timer which is how long they think they will reply to any tweets sent to them. True to their word, they answer any tweet which is sent to them, even the negative ones, in a positive way which shows that they respect their consumers.


This is unlike another airline, the US Airways, who received a negative tweet back in 2014, and instead of dealing with it in a respectful manner which would usually match their companies appearance, they replied to it with an image of a female masturbating.


Blogs are one way of a business using social media. Companies can only ever update their website so many times before it starts seeming messy and unprofessional; therefore by using a blog the company are able to update/inform their consumers whenever they wish.


Every blog post written will also help to increase the traffic coming into the website. This is because every post made increase the businesses chance of showing up on the search engine; this would especially help smaller businesses as they would need help gaining a larger consumer base.


This relates to social media as every blog post which is made will increase the chances to get shared on different social media sites, this would then result in more people viewing the blog, which would then lead them to the companies site.


By businesses posting user generated content onto their social media pages, it will allow other consumers to properly view the product that they are interested in buying. This will also help to build a bond between the business and consumer as the consumer would grow to trust the business if they are showing real life images of their products and not edited ones.

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