How Disney use social media (P2, P3, M2)


Disney, also known as The Walt Disney Company started up in the 1920s and are still continuing to make content that everyone loves to enjoy.


Due to their large audience base, they had to find an effective way to connect with every one of their audience members; they achieved this by using up to six different social media sites.


Twitter is one of the few that Disney uses. This account started up in August 2009 and has since accumulated over 5 million followers and has tweeted now over 6 thousand times, all of which relate to the company. Out of these tweets which have been posted, 3,862 of these include either a picture of video; however this does not include any gifs. Therefore, every one of their tweets made includes a gif, video or photo making their site visually appealing to the audience.


To go with their tweets, they tend to use quotes from their movies, this is beneficial as it makes the audience realise how the situation’s which occur in the movies are relatable to what happens in their lives.


Alongside this, they use hashtags, which makes the company seem more humane as they are trying to relate to normal everyday things such as national ice cream day which they tweeted about, whilst relating the tweet to an old Disney movie.


They don’t just use their Twitter account to show their audience old movies that they created, they also post news which relates to the new movies which they have coming out, they mainly do this by posting a video and a small piece of text which indicates why someone should watch the movie.


Their first tweet which was made was about the Star Wars movie which was coming out at the time and it was about how the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry came to set, this tweet currently has 3767 retweets and 1.3 thousand likes, which for a first tweet shows how popular the site was to begin with.


Disney’s Instagram account is the polar opposite to their Twitter account, this is because on their Twitter account, their content is based around the movies, whereas their Instagram is more about the human side of Disney such as, their parks, Disney related DIY’s and audience photos. This is a positive aspect as firstly, it means that all of their social media accounts aren’t just generating the same content six times over but it also allows the audience to see a more real side of Disney.


Their account currently sits at 6.8 million followers, which is more than their Twitter account has, possibly suggesting that the audience enjoy seeing behind the scenes of Disney.


Facebook is another site which they use as a business, on here is where a lot of video links to trailer clips and articles related to the business are posted. For this reason, this site is more formal, allowing a completely different target group to find an interest in the company.


Despite how it may seem like a negative that Disney are trying to be formal, it isn’t, as they have over 50,000,000 likes on their page, displaying how people are clearly loving what is being posted.


On their Pinterest account, they use user generated content and store it in one place where the more creative audience members can find a range of things to love and do. Everything on this site is organised on 40 different boards making everything extremely easy to find. This shows that despite Disney using a more informal site, they are still remaining formal as they use organisation.


With up to 1,912,302 subscribers, Disney’s YouTube account continues to grow. Despite how YouTube would be the perfect platform to post trailers on, they don’t. Instead they use it to post DIY videos, look books, funny videos etc. which means that the audience are able to see Disney in a whole new light.


By using the companies YouTube channel, the audience members are able to go into the discussion section and talk to other people who have an opinion on Disney, this allows the audience to find people from all around the world and connect.


Just like Pinterest, this platform still has a formal aspect as they have everything organised within playlists. An example of this is a Snow White playlist which has videos ranging from ‘How to get Snow Whites red lips’ to ‘Snow White inspired look’. This would make the audience feel as if they are being included with the company and are being given a bigger insight into what happens behind the scenes.


Finally, there is the Disney Blog; this is a place where the audience, no matter which target group, can find something to relate to. This is a site full of informal and formal content which depends on the topic being written about or the person writing it.


Everything is posted on the Disney Blog, this ranges from upcoming movie’s, behind the scenes on the film set or even audience members experiences. And to go with each of these posts is an image of who wrote the article. This makes the post come to life more, showing the audience that a real person did actually write what is being said, therefore adding more depth to the company, also making the business seem more friendly.


All of these accounts allows the business to continuously remind their audience, old or young, why they love/loved the magical films, potentially making them want to re watch the movies or continue supporting the company as a whole.

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