How Netflix use social media (P2, P3, M2)


Netflix are an American multinational entertainment company which was founded on August 29th, 1997. Currently, they have over 83 million subscribers, with 34 million of these being international subscribers.


Like a lot of other competitors of Netflix, they have to make sure that their audience are constantly engaged and want to stay with them. They achieve this goal by doing a few things; firstly they usually release every episode within a series at once, this gives the site a big drive tune in for a few days when they are first released whilst the audience binge watch the shows. Just over 70% of Netflix’s audience have said to binge watch their favourite shows, therefore it isn’t surprising that they use this method (Smith, 2016).


They also begin to advertise their new content on the second to last week of every month, which is a great marketing method as this is around the time when their subscribers will be making the next payment for the following month. This therefore makes people decide to stay so that they can watch the new shows which will be coming the following month (US, 2008).


Due to them having such a large audience base, it isn’t a surprise that they use social media often to keep their audience constantly up to date.


Their social media accounts are constantly posting new content (at least every three and a half hours) which therefore brings in more people to their social media accounts. On Twitter, they have 2.26 million followers on their main @Netflix account however, due to Netflix being available in multiple countries; they also have multiple Twitter accounts to correspond with each of these countries. The reasoning behind this is because depending on what county the audience is watching from, there will be different content being shown.


Netflix mainly use Twitter so that they can reply to any questions that their audience may have, although they do not reply to all of the questions asked. They also make sure that the subscribers are getting up to date information about all of their shows in a more relaxed tone.


Something which Netflix do well, that many others do not manage as well, is it they are able to use a voice online which their audience find relatable. Despite them being a well-established business, their online voice is extremely relaxed, which means that their readers find their posts easy to read and don’t find them annoying. They have been called witty, sarcastic and relatable due to their online presence which may be seen as a negative due to them being a business but due to their young target audience, it is a plus (Letki, 2016).


Another way in which Twitter relate well to their audience is by what is on their page. On Twitter they retweet posts which their target audience may also find interesting, one example of this is that they always seem to be retweeting posts about drones, which are currently a popular trend within their target audience. This shows that they are aware and respect their audience as they pamper their online profiles to suit them.


Twitter isn’t the only social networking site that Netflix use however to keep up to date with their audience and to also keep them up to date. They also use Instagram which currently has around 2.3 million followers, which is actually more than their Twitter has. This may be because on their Instagram is where any/all behind the scene images are posted which is something many people who are obsessed with a show are interested in. Also, they will tag the actors in some of their posts which will be beneficial to any fans that want to find out more about the people that they spend hours at a time.


Facebook is another site which they use, with 26,566,485 likes on their page and growing. On here is where they will post the majority of their trailers for new shows or movies which are being released in the near future.


A massive benefit which Facebook offers is the use of geo-targeting which is used to split the content which is posted up into regions, which will make sure that what is offered is relevant information for their target audience.


Another type of video which they post on their Facebook is behind the scene videos with exclusive interviews, this will draw in a larger audience base as even people who may not use Netflix will come to watch this video if it has an actor/actress that they are interested in.


Like Twitter, Facebook reply to comments, this will make the audience feel more included with the company therefore making these people want to tell more people about this company due to it’s good business to consumer communication used.


However, their Facebook content is similar to their YouTube content as on their YouTube page is where they post these trailers as well making the two sites corresponding. However, their YouTube page isn’t as popular with only 1,079,828 subscribers, possibly suggesting that posting the same content twice isn’t benefiting them. Although, by the posting the content twice, they are giving people more of an opportunity to see it.


One benefit of the YouTube page is that there is a discussion section, which means that the audience can come together and talk about Netflix and find people who are interested in similar topics/shows as them. This is also similar to the comments section on the videos, where viewers are able to give their opinion on the video or discuss what someone else has said about the video.


Lastly Vimeo, this is a site which isn’t used as highly by those within their target audience, however over 6 years ago now, when Netflix were still building a larger audience base, they did attempt to use Vimeo. They posted 11 videos all within the same year, but none of these videos gained much of a viewing, with their most watched video only having been watched 64.2 thousand times. Therefore they chose to not use this social media platform as it wasn’t generating a big enough of a response for them to bother carrying on.


Due to the use of social media, Netflix have been able to keep their audience updated on everything Netflix related and also they are able to keep their subscribers watching, which would be a difficult task if they weren’t able to release news about the shows so publicly.

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