Compare and contrast social media and social media for business notes(D2)

Social Media

Social Media for Business

Sharing information Sharing information
Connect with family and friends Connect with customers
Organise events Organise events
Use different media Use different media
Upload pictures and videos Upload pictures and videos
Gather information Gather information
Like and share posts Like and share posts
Looking for jobs Advertising jobs
Share opinions (expression of opinion)  
Polls on particular topics  
Media is not user specific (settings)  
Posts are random Planned posts
Get an income from adverts Pay for adverts
Personally manage own account Departments manage the site for business
Not posting all the time Posting a lot to get noticed
Talk to friends and family (social interaction) meet new people, interact with friends and family Talk to the public, employees and other businesses
Passing time  
Entertainment – find funny or entertaining videos  
Relaxation – escape from reality  
Gives people something to talk about (news, events)  
Convenience – readily available  
Knowing about others  
  Create a social buzz if business is smaller
  Online reputation management – watch what other people/sites say about business
  Build trust with consumers.


Yellow – something that they both do

Blue – something only regular users do

Pink – something they both do but differently

Green – something only businesses do


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