How other businesses use social media (M3 and D3)

Pies4George created an online profile via e-Commerce, this website allowed George to venture out of his local area of Bradford where his business was located, and target people from all around the world. Due to his vast success on his e-Commerce website, he is now wanting to create a profile on social media.

This won’t be something that he will be going into eyes closed however as a range of other pie companies have already taken the leap into the world of social media.

To begin with there is Achatz Handmade Pie, they have their main online website, which links onto their social media pages of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Achatz Handmade Pie’s Facebook page has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating (this being from over 500 different users) which will help for other users to make a decision on whether or not they trust the company. Also, over 300 Facebook users have checked in at this place, which will show others who haven’t yet used this company that they can be trusted and many people agree so. Their Facebook seems to be the place where they posts everything related to their company as they have all of their general information regarding opening times and their menu on this platform. This will ensure that users don’t have to go far in order to find out more about the company as it is all in one place.

However, if they did want to find out even more that isn’t on their Facebook, they could click the link which is on their page that directs users to their main page, this is a technique which will help to grow traffic onto their main page. They also post about any events which they are hosting, this could make the consumers feel more involved and connected with the company as they are being invited to something. Finally, their Facebook is doing so well because of how visual it is, not only do they occasionally post writing onto their page, they also post images and videos a lot of the time which will ensure that their page is always visually interesting and draws people in.

Their Twitter page is also working at a comfortable rate with 907 followers, as they retweet anyone who mentions them which has obviously helped to grow their follower rate. As well as this, they use hashtags when they are posting, this ensures that anyone searching for a particular topic will be able to come across their page, which will help to grow their follower rate further. Even though they are still growing as a business, they manage to post most days, which helps to keep those following them interested and wanting to stay involved so that they can watch them grow.

Finally, there is their Instagram page which is doing incredibly well with 1,024 followers. They manage to post regularly on this platform as well, keeping their followers up to date with all new pies, events and videos related to the company. They have also been using hashtags on Instagram as well which will again help for more users to view their page/photos.

As well as Achatz Handmade Pie, there is Humble Pie, who have a Twitter and an Instagram page, but unlike the previous company, they do not have a Facebook.

Humble Pie’s Instagram is strange however as it is named after the company but has no pictures related to the company on the site. All images are of a man and his travels around the world, this could mean that this is a personal account of the owner of the business, however it could be misleading to those who were hoping to see images of the pies rather than of the owners life. Despite this, it could potentially mean that the consumers are able to get to know the owner more than they previously were due to him being so open with the consumers.

Their Twitter has been active since May 2011, and within these years only 470 tweets have been made which isn’t much for a company hoping to grow its consumer base. These tweets made include a large range of retweets which are related to the company, but even this hasn’t persuaded users to get involved with the company as they only have 435 followers.

A pie company called New Zealand Gourmet Pie again has a Twitter page but also has a Facebook page.

New Zealand Gourmet Pie’s Facebook page isn’t successful which could potentially have a negative impact on them as a company. It is un-regular, meaning that they don’t post often, which may be a reason as to why not many users want to keep up to date with them (because they don’t have much to say), however they do have a link to their main website, which could potentially help build some extra traffic as curious users who do want to give the company a chance may want to find out more information on them. One thing that they are consistent about on this platform is that they always post when they have an event coming up. This could therefore be their purpose of using Facebook (keeping consumers updated on events), but potentially Facebook isn’t the platform that should be used for this.

Their Twitter page is differs from their Facebook page with 9,609 followers. This is strange for this company as again, same as their Facebook page, their posts are not regular, anything that they do post is just retweets from people who have mentioned their company. Showing that this could be the area that they have gained their audience from (interacting with them and making them feel involved).

The Real Pie Company is an award winning pie company who have decided to over the years use Twitter and Facebook.

On their Twitter they have, pictures of their TV show which they have, which advertises it so that more people are aware of it. Their page has 1,130 followers which have been gained through their occasional posts and by the fact that they retweet customer comments.

Then on their Facebook is a link to their other pages which is feature that most other companies have adapted to as it help to increase traffic on all pages. Another feature that it helps to improve for consumers is how much effort they are having to put into finding the different pages for the companies. As well as this, it has links to their apps that they have, this is something which is beneficial as it shows consumers that they are a well developed company that can be trusted. This all helps, but by them having regular uploads and them replying to consumers comments quickly, it helps to build a relationship between the consumer and business which will then go onto them growing as a business.

Pieminister is different from all of the other mentioned companies so far with four different social media pages, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Instagram and Pinterest. This company is another one however that is award winning.

Their Twitter page has 29.5K followers, with 14K tweets, this shows that if a company posts more, they are able to gain a greater audience.

Then there is their Facebook page that gets replies to their consumers within the hour, which makes the trust between the consumer and business grow. As well as having fast reply time, they also posts all of their discounts online, this makes followers of the business feel as though they are being included within something that others aren’t by receiving special offers. On their Facebook is a link to all of their other accounts, this includes social media and their e-Commerce website.

They also have an Instagram account which has 4209 followers who they keep up to date regularly with aesthetically pleasing images where they use a range of hashtags in order to attract a wider audience.

On YouTube, they have only 55 subscribers, who are dedicated to watching their mixed content which is posted on a un-regular basis. Some of their content includes a range of funny videos, these selection of videos make the company seem more real, therefore adding life and a personality to the company, which may make the company more reliable to consumers.

Finally, Pinterest, which has 761 followers from their 20 boards which have been pinned 481 times, this shows that it isn’t used as much and not many people respond to the content which is posted on here, this could be an indication that Pinterest isn’t a suitable platform for a pie company.

Finally, there is Great North Pie, who are another award winning company with both Facebook and Twitter.

They use their Facebook for posting information about their opening hours, pictures and videos of their supplies, posting about events that they are hosting and general information regarding the company. However, despite being on social media, they do not use it consistently, which may have a negative impact on how many people actively follow their social media. Their Facebook account has a star rating system, where so far they have gotten 52 views, which generates up to 5/5 stars.

As well as this, they have customers who have been to their store log in at the location, from this more users will see about the business and want to find out more about it. This function has been used 15 times so far, which isn’t much if the business wants to get more recognition.

Then they have 2,924 followers on their Twitter account, automatically showing that this platform is more heavily used then their Facebook is. On here the company doesn’t tend to put any posts up personally, however they always seem to retweet anything which they are mentioned in. Despite this, the business will occasionally, but not very often, reply to their consumers if they have any major problems.


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