Improved Sales (M3)

There are many benefits of a business using social media, one of these is that it will improve sales, this is highly done through the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a word of phrase which is used after a hashtag symbol in order to identify messages which are based around a certain topic. By using a hashtag on social media, the company will have a better chance of gaining a larger audience viewing their posts.

Another way in which social media can help to improve sales is by attaching the online stores link to the different social media platforms, by doing this, it ensures that the consumer doesn’t have to put in as much work in order to find the companies site.

They can also use advertising which is offered on most platforms of social media. If including an ad, it must ensure that the potential customer is able to find the product which is being advertised, it also needs to ensure that it is helping to expand on the number of these potential customer.

Reviews are a major way in what helps to improve sales, this is because customers who read these reviews believe that it influences their decision making whether or not they go onto purchasing that product. 45% of these people said that reading online reviews, feedback and comments influence their behaviour, therefore by a company generating a large range of reviews (positive) they are more likely to attract more sales.

Businesses will improve their sales by focusing on relationships, this can be achieved by either participating or building a community. Businesses are able to participate and build communities on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If the business wants to improve their sales, they will need to start listening to their consumers, this involves taking them out of the dark by including them in the decision making of the business, because at the end of the day, they are the group of people who make the business money. They can also help to achieve this goal by using current trends and tools in order to further enhance their business and products.


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