Wider Market Place (M3)

Certain countries use different platforms of social media more than others, this means that if the business were to want to target a particular area, then by using the platform which is heavily used in that area will help enhance the guarantee of them viewing the page. For example, if wanting to target people from the Philippines, Facebook would be the best platform to use as this is where Facebook is most popular. Or Mexico, which would involve using YouTube, this is because again like with before, this is where this platform is most popular. He is also able to achieve this because social media is always active, which means that even when the people working within the business are asleep, their online profile isn’t.

For a small business, they are able to use social media in order to reach out to locations where they were not previously able to reach. For George, he started off by targeting people in a small area, however when he created his e-Commerce site, he was able to reach out to even more people, but in order to get more people to see his company, he would have to use social media as it helps reach a larger range of people.

His website was targeted towards larger organisations such as schools, colleges, events, restaurants and frozen food industries, or if it was being more specific, it would be for festivals, as this is an area that needs a large quantity of food for a lot of people within a period of time. However, the one disadvantage of targeting a group that are seasonal, is that when it isn’t summer, the company wouldn’t be generating as much money.

Therefore, by using social media, Pies 4 George can open up to a wider target audience of individuals.

Another pie company, Humble Pie, uses social media in order to target families and independent people, this could be an example of who George could target his social media towards.

There is also the fact that if he wants to target his business towards younger people, social media will defiantly help as 90% of young adults (aged 18-29) use social media. Another key reason as to why George should consider using social media is because there are roughly 7.395 billion people in the world, and 3.419 of these people are active on social media.


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