Human Resources (M3)

Human Resources helps to ensure that the right staff are attracted, this is achieved through LinkedIn mainly. LinkedIn is a social networking site allows people from the business community to come together on one platform. On this site, people (users) are able to create profiles which will then allow other people (users) to connect with them if they share an interest in the job role they are titled under. This therefore helps to grow businesses allowing people from all around the world to connect with one another over their work.

There is also the ability to use Facebook adverts, which aren’t used as commonly in order to find employees as LinkedIn is, but the advert would be shown to those who seem to have similar interests shown on their page, which means that only targeted people would be shown this advert to the company.

They also help to address any issues which arise, this includes any problems or complaints which are made online to the company. Human Resources would have to ensure that they listen to the problem which is being made and also ensure that they apologise as just by apologising to a consumer is raises the percentage of customers that are satisfied by over 40%. They would then continue onto solving the problems for the consumer and ensuring that they are giving them the quickest possible reply time as they would want their problem solved as soon as possible.

It is said that 81% of staff would work harder if they were shown appreciation. The way which this could be achieved on social media within a company would be to have a personal company website where congratulations/appreciation messages are made to employees that have done something well within the company.


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