Customer Service (M3)

Customer service is something which helps with a range of different factors within a business whilst using social media, one of these being that it helps with the speed of response given to a consumer/follower. Customers tend to have high expectations on social media as to when they will get a response from a company, 12% hope to hear back within 30 minuets, 9% in 5 and 33% are ok with hearing back in a few days.

Some examples of other companies and how they handle their response time on social media is that Apple and Starbucks do not ever reply to customers via social media. This compares to Pepsi who tend to have a response sent out within 19 minuets and McDonalds who reply within 34 hours and 47 minuets.

Herschel Supply reply to all questions asked via social media and they even have set up a search stream on Hootsuite to monitor hashtags and keywords where they are mentioned. This has resulted in them achieving a 20% increase in their customer service.

On social media, customer service can also be improved by using surveys, this is so that the business can get to know their consumers better and improve their company because of the feedback given, this would help customer service as it will allow customers that don’t feel as if they are getting the proper treatment to complain.

Personal details are also on social media, which would help the business to look at their profiles and learn more about the people who are interested in their business. From this the business would be able to differ their plans in order to target their audience better. It is also shown that online adults are 95% more likely to follow a brand via social media if their customer service is well provided.

Another aspect which is achieved is that using social media allows ease of access to customer data, this is mainly done through history such as profiles which have been made. For companies using Instagram, they can use Statigram which will monitor their customer data, and then there is also Insightly. Insightly manages all of the companies contact information, also breaking down any projects. However, the main aspect of it is that it monitors business activities and provides a tool to collaborate with clients which would help further customer service.


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