Sales (M3)

Sales can help with a variety of different aspects within a business, one of these being that it helps give the business a better market and/or customer awareness. This is done through the use of learning the statics of who buys what in the market, this would be achieved through the use of profiles which people make when buying products online. There is also the matter of using reviews, this can include any sites such as Foursquare, Yelp to TripAdvisor. 92% of consumer write a review therefore these platforms are highly used by many people.

Yelp is a site which has a monthly average of 145 million, this is generated from a range of business, but it also includes 2.8 million small businesses that use this site. This is a beneficial site as 90% of users say positive reviews affect their buying choice.

Then there is TripAdvisor which has over 385 million reviews, which comes from a range of different businesses, however the one which would help Pies 4 George would be that over 4.1 million restaurants use this site.

Finally, Foursquare which is slightly less used with only 75 million tips left, from a range of 1.3 million business pages. This site is useful as users are able to check into the location they are at, which would increase the sales of the business as more people would be noticing the business, in one day there was 7 million check ins.

On some social media platforms such as Facebook, users can make a star rating where they rate the company/product out of five stars, it is said that star ratings are the number one factor as to why consumers use or do not use a business.

Sales are when a company sells good, products and merchandise to a select target audience, therefore target audience plays a major role in the sales being made. Customers are able to engage with the business through social media by a range of different functions which are offered, one of these being comments, which is something that can be left on either Facebook or Instagram. It is shown that 52% of consumers online and offline purchases were influenced through Facebook. Then there is discussions which is a feature that YouTube offers in order for people to communicate about the channel and its content which is being offered. Then there is replies and mentions which is a function that Twitter uses. All of these are ways in which the consumer is able to interact with the business, and the business should defiantly use these functions as it helps to build a relationship with their consumers.


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